24 July 2017: Dorjee Momo x Sally's Middle Name

Our second pop up was awesome! Thank you to all our guests - it was a joy to serve you. We sold out of reservations quickly, and served 100 people. Thank you to the team: our friends and mentors at Union Kitchen,  Sam, Aphra, Armani, Angel, Enti, Laura and Nicholas at Sally's Middle Name, and Nathan, Taylor, Beth, Chris, Casey, and Stephen of the #momosquad.

We also added new items to the menu:

  • Nimbu Custard Tartlets (tsampa brown butter crust, fresh blackberries, champagne grapes soaked in rose water, chrysanthemum leaves from Little Wild Things, local bee pollen, and honey)
  • Miso Poppy Corn Pickles (shoyu miso, organic apple cider vinegar, black poppy, fresh white and yellow corn)