Get Tibetan Food Delivered From This Immigrant-Driven DC Startup

Chef Dorjee Tsering brings his native Tibetan cuisine to Foodhini / August 7 2017

"Foodhini dishes (think chicken shawarma, crispy rice lettuce wraps, and falafel, to name a few) are prepared in DC’s Union Kitchen food incubator by immigrants and refugees. Vang got inspiration for the idea from his own mother, a refugee from the Hmong community in Northern Vietnam who came to the U.S. speaking no English, “but with an incredible skill for cooking,” he says.

The menu, which changes weekly and allows customers to order family-style meals for two, now includes chef Dorjee’s lamb momos and chicken chumok (pan-fried Tibetan dumplings), red curry beef with turmeric rice, ginger-glazed lamb, and chilled Sichuan eggplant salad. The momos, a dish of Dorjee’s childhood, are “definitely my favorite,” he says—hence, his own startup Dorjee Momo."

When I see people eating my food and happily talking to each other, I feel like, ‘Wow, I did it. I’ve given them something special with my food,’ ” Tsering says. “It gives me confidence, and keeps me going.
— Washington Post Express, 20 July 2017, Dorjee Momo wants to help Washingtonians fall in love with Tibetan cuisine