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24 July 2017: Dorjee Momo x Sally's Middle Name

Our second pop up will be Monday July 24th at Sally's Middle Name.

We will be seating guests on the first and second floors, bar, and patio (weather permitting). 

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11 July 2017: Dorjee Momo x Sally's Middle Name

Our first pop up was a success! We sold out of 30 reserve seats in 24 hours, and accepted 15 walk-ins during the run of service.

The menu included:  

  • Sichuan Eggplant Salad (chilled eggplant salad with pickled ginger, dragonfruit laboo kharpo, white scallion, sesame, mala oil)
  • Yellow Nepali Laphing (noodle crepe roll with gluten sponge, raw garlic, red chili vinaigrette, green onion)
  • Roadside Pickles (pink radish with green chili and lemon, carrot with coriander and dill, black grape with cinnamon and clove)
  • Chicken ChuMok (chicken soup dumplings, watercress, black sesame, brown beech mushrooms, fry garlic, star anise oil)
  • Lamb Momo (steamed lamb dumplings with Chef Dorjee's secret 21-ingredient chili dipping sauce)
  • Kashmiri Kheer (coconut milk, saffron, pistachio, vanilla bean, cardamom troma)
  • Goat Cheesecake (goat cheesecake, tsampa brown butter crust, honey glass, gem marigolds, chrysanthemum leaves)

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and energy to make it happen!